The project

“Chaotic Dashboard” is a project developed and maintained by ChaoticBench and it’s a free “new-tab” extension for chrome-based browsers.

It allows you to have a clean and usefull new tab page with a big minimal clock and some quick-links to the most used Google apps like DriveCalendarKeep and Maps, together with the most famous social networks like FacebookWhatsapp webInstagram and YouTube.

The goal of this project is to provide a customizable dashboard for the “every day” work, including the utilities for the standard office work, the personal features like weather, social feed and reminders.

The development

The project is still in development and the available version is a beta with just 4 color themes and default quick-links. In the upcoming releases there will be a lot of new features like:

  • custom quick-links
  • Google account sync
  • theme and interface customization
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