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Clara Moroni is an italian rock singer who toured with popular artists like Vasco Rossi, as backing vocals.
She also has her own solo project for which she released a brand new single in may 2020, called “Reputation”.
I was asked her manager Elia Faustini to work on the lyrics video of this song, as I already worked with him on other projects for both videos and lighting design such as Sonohra and Folkstone.

The color palette

For this video, I went for a minimal look, preserving a good contrast to uniform all the scene without losing dynamics.

The whole composition is based on 3 main colors: teal, white and dark gold.

The song is visually divided between verses and choruses, switching this colors for the text and the background, having the verses teal/gold with white lyrics and the choruses white/teal with gold lyrics.

The font

Choosing the font was really easy, since it’s the same font of the cover artwork. Since the whole videoclip is based on 3 main colors, I decided to give more depth to the lyrics, by adding a 3D effect, that fits perfectly with the shapes of the font itself.

The final look is at the same time modern, with retro references.

The video