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Cold As Perfection

color correction and grading

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Cold As Perfection is the second single of the fourth album “King”, from Fleshgod Apocalypse, released on Feb, 5th 2016 via NublearBlast Records. This is the official music video which was released a few days before, to promote the release.

Color correction and grading

I was involved in this project as colorist, as the band wanted a more cinematic and epic look on the video, since the script was about a king, his wife and all the court around them. A good color correction was mandatory, because the location was a real medieval castle and all the actors and musicians were dressed with authentic historical dresses. The final result had to look like a movie about Crusades, etc.

Directed and edited by: Francesco Paoli and Salvatore Perrone
D.O.P.: Salvatore Perrone
Additional editing by: ChaoticBench

The video

the release

“King” was released on February, 5th 2016 by Nuclearblast Records.