The Brand

Il Barbaro is a small italian artisan that deals with natural handmade products for beard and mustaches care. Born in 2015, the brand takes part in some local trade fairs with a lot of interest from the public.

The Project

We started this project at his birth, when they have no logo, lo brand identity, nothing.

The concept is simple: the customer have to feel craftsmanship of the product he is going to see.

We started with the logo, a mix of modern minimalism and ancient barbarian elements, to give this timeless look. The wooden background is a perfect way to be timeless, because it was the main material of that age and today is still very used in architecture, art and other purposes.

The Packaging

Being a very young brand, Il Barbaro has just 2 articles, 2 variants each, for a total of 4 products.

Our work for the packaging consisted in finding the appropriate package for the product itself and, after that, designing the best labels and tags for a complete info sheet and a good looking item to be sold.

In the picture there’s one of the two package, the beard balm jar, and in the gallery above you can see the tiny beard oil bottle, together with the tags and the showcase at the fair.

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