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VforVAPE is a vape shop near Milan, born in 2017. I was involved in this project since the very beginning and together with the owners of this business, I developed the entire brand identity, starting from the name, logo and web presence of the brand.
They sell e-cigarettes, e-liquids, accessories and CBD products, together giving assistance to customers for their own devices or to buy new one.

The brand and the logo

The vaping industry in Italy has grown well in the recent years and the opening of shops spread like wildfire. For this reason, a lot of cool names were already taken and all of them has word puns in it, about vaping vocabulary. The problem was that almost all of them were similar to each other and that’s not a good move for a business. So I started thinking abount something unique for the italian market and, together with the love for movies and in particular the movie “V for Vendetta”, I thought “VforVAPE” sounded good, short to remember and self-explanatory.

After the approval from the owners, the logo was pretty simple. The mask of Guy Fawkes vaping wildly.

The shop

Since the idea was to have a unique corporate image for both web, graphic and shop decor, I selected 3 colors that whould match all logos, graphics, posts and furniture.

After the color selection was defined, I made a few projects fot the interior of the shop, using the largest wall as a phisical background for a giant symmetrical representation of the logo, shaping the forniture as the V of the brand.

to make the most of the budget, I bought 2 old wooden reels (90cm large) and rearranged them to have 2 useful and cool tables for customers to share vaping experiences, work on their products and have some good time together with the owner.

I also got a big wooden “mechanical spare parts” box from a friend of mine and turn it in a bench with a lot of storage space in it. Both hand-made forniture match the rest of the shop and display mood and give the ambience a country/military look in a very minimal and modern way.

The social contents

With so many products coming out every week on the vaping market, it was impossible to plan a collaboration about social contents, so I figured out a method to let the owners be independent on creating good contents easly without complicated software processing.

For this, I set up a small set for taking products pictures in the shop with nice background and good light and teached the owners to take pictures and edit them with basic mobile apps, in order to post-produce and watermark pictures for their social media.

These pictures are an example of Instagram Story and generic post of products to be promoted on their profiles, made by the shop team.

The website

The vaping world has so many different hardware products and accessories, very often without any kind of standardization. Moreover, since a few years in Italy the online sale of e-liquids is not allowed.

For this reason I developed a website where the products are still the protagonists, focusing the site sections on the compatibility, instead of the sale. This because for management reasons, it’s not very productive to have an e-shop with it’s own storage, just to sell half the products of the shop itself, but it’s useful for the customers to know if the shop takes care of the brand their devices are.

Besides this, the website has a news section where visitors can stay up-to-date with the events of the shop, news about the vaping world and health community.

The third main section is about contacts, where the user can easily know opening times, location with it’s own map (and advanced localization with route to the shop, if geolocation is active) and a contact form to directly get in touch with the business.

Visit vforvape.it